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Українські студенти в Меці запрошують українців по всьому світу на онлайн вертепування (1448 × 636 пікс.) (3)


Сталінізм = путінізм = рашизм

Непокаране зло повертається !

At the beginning of May every year, the whole world commemorates one of the greatest tragedies, caused by the ambitions of one man, obsessed with political power, - World War II. The Nuremberg Trials against Nazi Germany and sentences eradicated evil and gave Germany a chance for regeneration.

The USSR committed as many crimes as Nazi Germany, including repression of Ukrainians, the Holodomor, the Red Terror, Operation Vistula, and the deportation of Crimean Tatars. But all these crimes went unpunished as the Soviet Union was one of the winners of World War II, and the world turned a blind eye to its crimes.

However, unpunished evil tends to return. What Putin's Russia does now, its previous aggressions against Moldova, Georgia, the annexation of Crimea, the creation of DNR and LNR, the mass genocide of Ukrainians during the war, the execution of civilians, innumerable violations of international humanitarian law have roots in unpunished Stalinism, which bore fruits in the form of a new Russism ideology.

The Kremlin acts in the same way as in the XX century. So to stop it, we should use not only purely military measures, but also political and legal methods. We, Ukrainians, must demand a fair international trial against Putin and his co-partners for their actions. Only when justice is established at the international level, Putinism and Russism will be eradicated.

So Global Ukraine launched #Nurnberg_2.0 Advocacy and Information Campaign to convince the world community in necessity of a trial against Russian leaders. The campaign will include online marathons, discussions and flash mobs.

Now our team created special graphic banners, which we encourage everyone to distribute on their social media pages, as well as use them during demonstrations. Banners are available here.