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Global Ukraine Card

Global Ukraine Card - Your Super App for financial services

For Ukrainian entrepreneurs, expats, refugees and everyone living in Europe, the Global Ukraine Foundation created the FinTech app Global Ukraine Card. After registering in the application and passing the verification, you receive an IBAN (individual, FOP, and/or corporate account in euro currency), a virtual card in your smartphone and a physical (plastic) card coded for Victory with its unique design.

The registration process is simple and fast. The main conditions are to have Ukrainian documents and an address in Europe (permanent or temporary). It is enough to perform three simple steps: enter data, photograph documents and take a selfie. The verification process takes from a few minutes to 48 hours - and you have a European account in Europe.

Global Ukraine Accounts and Cards are issued by DiPocket UAB, registration number 305599375, an Authorized Electronic Money Institution regulated by the Bank of Lithuania (N° 75); and managed by GBH France SAS, registration number 888 935 202, VAT FR 41 888 935 202, whose registered office is at 8 Graham Bell St., 57000 Metz, France.

Global Ukraine Card offers a unique financial service that combines the European financial security and the convenience of Ukrainian services. It's an affordable way to manage your finances as comfortable as at home.

The Global Ukraine Card Super App offers several options for tariff plans, and you can choose the one that suits you best among them.

Why should you choose the Global Ukraine Card application to manage Your finances ?

  • The Global Ukraine Card gives the opportunity to work with European customers directly in euro currency. Due to this, the problems of conversion, exchange rates, additional costs and restrictions from national banks disappear.
  • In addition, several cards (physical or virtual) can be opened for one IBAN. This option is very cool for those who work on different trading platforms and thus managing finances becomes much more convenient. What's more, transfers between Global Ukraine accounts and cards are free and unlimited, and this is an additional cost savings!
  • The fee for maintaining an account is significantly more economical than in other European financial institutions. And in addition to this - client support and an application with a convenient interface in the Ukrainian language. This means that you will not be left alone with difficulties, you will be helped in the shortest possible time and in your native language.
  • At the same time, the Fintech app Global Ukraine Card offers an extraordinary package of services for Ukrainians in Europe - instant international transfers to a card with the lowest commission, transaction history and account statements, receipt of invoices, etc.

Our instant international card transfers with the lowest fees allow you to help loved ones while saving time and unnecessary fees. If every Ukrainian has a Global Ukraine Card, the global Ukrainian financial ecosystem will work with absolutely free transfers, which will allow each one of you to generate additional resources for humanitarian needs in Ukraine.

The second stage of development involves a crowdfunding platform on the blockchain, to attract finances from the diaspora for projects of reconstruction of Ukraine. The Ukrainian diaspora contributes a lot to help Ukraine, and we believe that with a transparent decentralized platform, it will be possible to send even more funds to Ukraine in the form of p2p lending and/or investments.

You can download the application in the App Store and Google Play marketplaces, and with a free trial period, which allows you to quickly use all the advantages of the Global Ukraine card in order to make sure that it is the best financial service for Ukrainians in Europe.



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