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Global Ukrainians Forums

During the years of existence of the Foundation and the network, the Global Ukrainians forums have become visible and well-attended annual events among Ukrainian expats and diaspora.

Since 2015, 9 forums have been held in such countries as Ukraine, USA and France. Each time, hundreds of Ukrainian activists spoke during various panel discussions about the projects of their communities in the fields of cultural diplomacy, business, and information activities.

An important feature of the forums was networking: ideas for new projects common to several communities and even several countries were born every time during the discussions.

During the first three forums, the Strategy of People's Diplomacy of Ukraine was worked out - the first systematic analytical document on the cooperation of state institutions and Ukrainian communities in promoting the interests and promotion of Ukraine abroad.

We invite you to view the brightest photos from the Global Ukrainians Forums. And very soon we will announce the X Forum! Don't miss it)