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A charity event in support of Ukraine was held in Japan

A charity event was held in the Mie Prefecture of the city of Kuvana, the purpose of which was to raise funds for the support of Ukraine. An exhibition of children's drawings by children from near Kyiv was presented at the event on July 16. The highlight of the event was a photo exhibition of national costumes from different parts of Ukraine, known in Ukraine, with the participation of the most famous Ukrainians - "Schyri".


"We had the opportunity to hold a master class of wind-up dolls, sell hand-made products of evacuated Ukrainians, and see performances by JUCA entertainment artists on stage. Residents of Mie Prefecture had the opportunity to taste borscht and for the first time tasted very healthy beetroot juice, which many visitors liked. The event took place thanks to the painstaking preparation of school volunteers from 津田学園 and members of the SunCity mall. The total amount of collected charity funds, 68,412 yen, will be sent to Ukraine," says the page of the Japanese Ukrainian Culture Association NPO JUCA.