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Exhibition "Ukraine: From Traditions to the Present" Will Be Opened in France

Ukrainian designer Iryna Dyka initiated the exhibition "Ukraine: from traditions to the present". The opening will take place on September 10, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. in the Capitol of Rochechouart.

The main aim of the exhibition is to show rich Ukrainian culture. The visitors will be able to see the exhibitions of authentic and modern Ukrainian clothes, various handmade products, paintings.



  • Modern clothes in ethno-modern style by Iryna Dyka, Tatyana Dubovets, Tatyana Naftel, Marija Shamedko.
  • Photos, showing an authentic Ukrainian costume, by the "Батьківська хата.Homestead" Project, the "Ukrainian Heritage" educational ethnocalendar, the Cherkasy Museum of Local Lore, Mykola Babak, Vasyl Bilonozho.
  • "Motanka"-dolls by Olena Kornienko.
  • Handmade jewelry by Tetyana Dubovets, Olga Bruslik, Maria Shamedko.
  • Modern photo of Ukrainian landscapes by Mykola Cherep, Oleg Bondarenko.
  • Performance of Ukrainian songs by the duet "Kalyna".
  • A win-win charity lottery, the proceeds of which will go to support the territorial defense of Cherkasy.