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Ukrainian Students in Metz Participated in the Festive Procession

On December 3 and 4, festive events dedicated to St. Nicholas Day were organized in the French city of Metz. Ukrainian students joined one of them - the St. Nicholas city procession. They are currently studying at the IAE School of Management (University of Lorraine) on the first French-Ukraininan diploma program.

This year, Ukrainians opened this festive procession for the first time, marching immediately after the orchestra. The students were dressed in traditional Ukrainian costumes, which were provided by Yuriy Fedkovich National University of Chernivtsi. The young ambassadors performed Ukrainian songs and sent greetings to all the residents of the city.

"But this is only the beginning. In January, 40 students will take part in the Christmas celebrations, organized by the Ukrainian community. Our students will present an authentic Ukrainian Vertep there. After this, they will show this performance for the representatives of largest enterprises and businesses of the region. Our goal is to promote Ukrainian culture, raise funds to help our army and share our Christmas traditions", Danylo Shchohol, student, coordinator of the Vertep project, comments. 


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