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Ukrainian communities joined the celebration of Vyshyvanka Day

Ukrainians celebrate Vyshyvanka Day every year on the third Thursday of May.

In 2006, Lesya Voronyuk, a student of the Faculty of History, Political Science and International Relations of Yuriy Fedkovich Chernivtsi National University, proposed the idea of the "Vyshyvanka Day" campaign. And the impetus for the implementation of the idea and the celebration was Igor Zhitaryuk's embroidered dress, which he regularly wore to classes, like many other students. Lesya suggested that classmates and students choose one day and wear embroidered shirts together.

At first, several dozens of students and several teachers of the faculty wore embroidered dresses. However, during the following years, the holiday grew to the all-Ukrainian level, the Ukrainian diaspora around the world began to join it, as well as supporters of Ukraine.

This year, the holiday is taking place against the background of the bloody war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine. Therefore, at all thematic events held, Ukrainian centers emphasized the situation in Ukraine, the atrocities of the Russian Federation, and called on the world to act more actively. During the Vyshyvanka marches, Ukrainians held placards with slogans against Putin and in support of Ukraine.

We have collected a selection of photos of how the celebrations took place in more than 20 cities in different countries of the world.