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A charity event in support of Ukraine was held in Tokyo

The charity event "Beautiful Ukraine" took place in one of the most expensive and prestigious districts of Tokyo - Ginzi. The event was organized by the NGO "Krayany", SAF Synchro Art Foundation, UK for Ukraine, with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan.

"The amazing place, which was provided by the president of Synchro Art Foundation - Ginza Six 5F, gathered a lot of Ukrainian products in different styles. Thanks to this event, the Japanese learned a lot about Ukraine, experienced its beauty and culture. Beauty is a great power that can save this world. And let it be so. Ukraine will definitely win and recover again in all its glory," Nataliya Lysenko reports.

Visitors to the event were able to admire Ukrainian pysankas made from chicken, quail, goose and ostrich eggs, take part in a pysankar master class, see an exhibition of Ukrainian embroidery, Motanok dolls, Anna Senik's photographs, Petrykiv painting. The headliner of the event were the works of the Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak in digital format.

At the event, ¥83,410 was collected to help Ukraine and Ukrainians affected by the war.