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Ukrainians organized a charity concert in London

The Support Ukraine group organized a charity music concert in London on July 15, 2023.

During the event, the audience had the opportunity to listen to Ukrainian classical music performed by Maryana Bodnar (soprano), Sofia Matvienko (flute), and Tom Jesty (piano). The concert took place in St. Paul's Church.

"Another concert of Ukrainian classical and modern music...for Ukraine, together with Support Ukraine Coordination Hub. I am lucky to cooperate with these honest and sincere people who have done so much for Ukraine since 2014. ІAnd they do it every minute, every day: they buy, pack, send, save. The fantastically talented Sofia Matvienko and Tom Jesty. They know Skoryk's melody...they cry to it like we do...and even ask for an encore (although we were preparing another one). And we all cried together," Maryana Bodnar noted on her page.